Diana Stormrider Multishot PCP Air Rifle 0.177 Cal (4.5mm)


Diana Stormrider Multishot PCP Air Rifle 0.177 Cal (4.5mm):

  • 9 shots PCP air rifle
  • German beech stock with checkering on the grip
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Single shot tray included
  • Max. velocity of 1050 fps


Diana compressed air rifle with an excellent price-performance ratio. The rifle can be operated both in single-shot mode and with the supplied 9-shot magazine. With a straightforward, no-frills design, the Stormrider’s combination of repeating shots and great features make it a serious contender for one of the best entry-level PCPs. Once you charge up the 200 bar (2900 psi) cylinder, you can send rounds downrange at 1,050 fps. Additionally, if you want to shoot one shot at a time, a single-shot tray is included. The model has an 11mm prism rail, an adjustable micrometer sight, a rubberized butt plate and a manual lock. The magazine can be equipped with diabolos with a length of up to 8.6 mm.

Model:Diana Stormrider
System:Compressed Air
Run:Drawn Barrel
Caliber:0.177 Cal (4.5mm)
Magazine Capacity: 9 Shots
Weight:2.3 kg (5.1 lbs)
Overall Length:1100 mm (39.8″)
Barrel Length:480 mm (19 “)
Max. Velocity:1050 fps (320 m/s)
Max. Filling Pressure:200 bar (2900 psi)
Cartridge Volume:100 ml (100 cc)



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