Morgun Brand Spring – Model 27

 350.00  250.00


Morgun Springs Model no. 27 is multi-processed for long operational life, ground and polished ends, proprietary tempering process using the highest material grade.
During final tempering they are coated with a specially formulated hard but fexible finish. This is a high tech derivative of PTFE and Teflon and its self-lubricating multislip properties eliminates the need for conventional spring lubrication.
Maximum power is maintained for longer than most other springs.

  •  High Quality Air Rifle Spring for Optimum Accuracy & Power
  •  Made in India from Finest Steel
  •  Striking Power Pre-Tested at Full Compression for High Impact & Elasticity
  •  Best fit for Daws Air Rifles
  • 38-39 Coils.


Dimensions in Millimeter
“A” Spring Outer Diameter :17mm
“B” Spring Innner Diameter :13mm
“C” Spring End-End Length :310mm
“D” Pitch of the Spring :12.5mm
Spring Wire Diameter :2mm



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